Our Dishes


Dry fried whole fish
Fresh Tilapia whole fish fried to perfection, this is a fish lovers dish best served with Ugali. A favorite among African dishes


Florida Chicken Wings
Mouth-watering Signature dish which had been popularized by Chef George Chew over 20 years ago. It's served with crispy onions & chilli, either mild, medium or spicy hot. It's a perfect bite with a cold beer.

Dry fry beef platter
Another African delight, the Dry fry Beef Platter is prepared with onions, beep peppers and light spices. For those who prefer it spicy hot or 'Wet Fry, the dish is best eaten with Ugali, potato or chips..

Fish Fingers with Tartar sauce
Fish fingers served with tartar sauce and chips is a mouth-watering snack which goes well with any beverage. Fried to perfection, the succulent fish makes every morsel tastes so good.

Fried Chicken with Chips
Its everybody's likeable dish, Fried Chicken and chips is the ultimate "Fast Food" and "comfort dish." We serve this till the wee hours of the morning, so you never need to worry about getting hungry.